Desert National Park


The Desert National Park is located at a distance of 40kms. from Jaisalmer and exemplifies the unusual ecological biodiversity of the renowned Thar desert. The park is teeming with wildlife and some of the resident species include chinkara, hare, desert fox, black buck, wolf, desert cat to name just a few.

One of the most sought after vantage points of the park is the Sudashri watch tower from where one can observe the varied resident wildlife species of the sanctuary. The Sudashri tower offers excellent wildlife photography opportunities and you can shoot your cameras to your hearts content.

The sanctuary is also rich in avian species and you will be taken aback by the sweet melodious call of the grey patridge. Resident avian species of the sanctuary include bush quail, Indian rollers, drongos, green bee-eaters and they are usually seen frolicking in the wetland areas of the sanctuary. The piece de resistance of all the avian species is marvelous Great Indian Bustard which was once declared by avian researchers to be extinct can be seen proudly surveying the sanctuary in its own inimitable style.

The Desert National Sanctuary is also rich in reptile species. One can easily sight the highly poisonous Spiny Tail Lizard, Monitor Lizard and the Saw Scaled Viper, which are found in abundance at Desert National Park.