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Namaste, I am Anil Solanki.

If you really want to know India and have unique experiences, you are in the right place. The best way to know is through Rajasthan and northern India. And the easiest way is to rent a car with driver, not having to plan every detail and giving you the opportunity to have an unforgettable journey that will show you the Real India.

The Rajasthan is the state where I live. It is the essence of India

The Rajasthan is a land of contrasts. You can enjoy deserts and lakes, bustling bazaars and temples too. It is a land of Maharajas and the most beautiful women wrapped in colorful saris from all over the country.

Ill take you to the most wonderful, colorful, magical and exciting exotic state of Rajasthan (India).

You will discover the essence of Indian culture:

  • Walk through wonderful and delicate palaces of Rajas, whose walls contain fantastic stories today still in childrens stories.
  • Experience amazing fortresses, some of it never invaded.
  • Visit old havelis.
  • Walk through endless colorful bazaars and amazing cities. In them you can buy spices, saris, tea and more.
  • And of course, our majestic temples, where you will have the opportunity to participate in our ceremonies.
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